Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on therapy to support your body's physiological balance, or homeostasis.

It is a non-invasive method for enhancing the function of every system of your body as well as harmonizing the coordination of your whole body. 

To put it more simply, it is a treatment that focuses on your body's wisdom and inner intelligence, leading your body into it's own healing process. 

Your body has a tremendous amount of intelligence and knowledge for you to heal yourself all on its own. In most cases, your body knows the root cause of what is causing you pain or symptoms.

Your body may also know why this is happening and how to let it go. All we have to do is to listen. Be open. 

Let your body be the guide to heal yourself!


Each parts for your body, your bones, tissues, brain and other organs has it's own rhythm. As a whole, your body harmonizes all of these rhythm and creates it's own music. 

For you to create harmonized music in your body, each part has to operate optimally and communicate well with each other. 

Movement and balance are the key to our physiological health.



There is an inner healer in all of us. 

A session with me is focused on "listening" to your body to bring out your own inner healer. To reach your inner healer, your mind and body has to be quiet and still. In Craniosacral Therapy, we induce this stillness called still-point. 

In this stillness, your body, mind and spirit can see how to heal yourself and let go of any physical or emotional pain and trauma. 


Session is very simple and gentle yet incredibly powerful and effective.

During the session, you will be laying on a massage bed fully clothed.

Comfortable clothing such as loose pants and shirts are recommended. 

The first thing you will probably notice is a deep relaxation and sense of calm through the entire body which generally lasts during the session. 

Some clients fall into a deep peaceful sleep for an entire session. 

Once a session begin, I will be placing a gentle "listening" touch to various points in your body and head. 

I listen for any imbalance in the body rhythm and assist the body's inner intelligence to self-repair. 

Bones and joints may self-correct during the process. 



If you are experiencing emotional difficulty or feeling STUCK, Craniosacral Therapy can lead you on a natural and powerful healing process. 

Sessions can lead to great insight, emotional release and / or release of old trauma.

Craniosacral Therapy improves your body's ability to take better care of you. It helps relieve a full spectrum of pain and dysfunction, including:

・Migraines and Headaches

・Chronic Neck and Back pain

・Stress and Tension-Relatied Discorders

・Chronic Fatigue

・TMJ syndrome

・Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

・Recovering from injury

・And Many Other Conditions


Also effective with:

・Deep relaxation

・Clearly in mind

・Letting go of daily stress

・Resolving past events or issues

・General well-being of the body and mind


Please note:

CranioSacral Therapy offered in our salon is NOT a medical practice.  

Treatment is only to improve your well-being.


One Session      60min 10,000 yen.