I did one session with Shiho.

I don't live in Tokyo, otherwise I would have loved to continue with the treatment. 

I had never heard about CranioSacral Therapy before. 

Even though my job is quite physical and I work daily with awareness of the body, 

I experienced a more conscious connection to the whole body through Shiho's treatment. 

The treatment is very gentle and Shiho manages to put my body back into place and let my body to be more open. 

I have struggled with tension in my hips and sciatica for a long time.  Shiho spotted this tension straight away.  She worked on releasing my pelvis and it had great results. 

I would highly recommend this treatment to anybody living a busy and stressful life in a big city.  

 It helps you to rediscover your whole body and be more aware. 

Shiho is a great therapist and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.


Female  (English speaking client) 



Thank you for your thoroughness each session.
I can feel change in my posture, alignment and overall awarness of my body and mind.

You go above and beyond a typical bodywork session, and I am truly greatful for the attention you give!


Tokyo (English speaking client)



Thank you for your session.

I feel something is beginning to release emotionally which is very interesting.
You mentioned that my tension in the body is very much related to my emotion. 
I never really thought about it that way but it feels quite true.

I never felt so calm, safe and freeing during and after the session.
It really feels wonderful.

I want to continue this process.
See you again soon.

E.S / Female / Tokyo


Thank you for the session.

My cold is better now and coughing has stopped.
Very impressed with receiving my own body's message from my right lung.  

I am amazed and loving my own body's pure continuousness.

And I decided to try to learn this amazing work myself.
Looking forward to see you in the next session!

H.Y / Female / Tokyo


Shiho always treats me with lots of care.
After heard days of work, her gentle and effective touch leads my body and mind to a greater healing each time.

Since I have started to have regular session, I realized that my body have always wanted to communicate with me and wanted my care.
Maybe sort of like how plants grows better when you talk to them.
Shiho taught me how to observe and listen to my emotion peacefully. It has been very helpful.
I look forward to the session every time.

A.A / Female / Tokyo


I have been getting treatment from Shiho for 1.5 years now.

when I had spring fingers, Shiho took the pain away in just one session.
(When other therapist told me there wasn't much they could do...)

She also worked on me when I lost my voice from having a bad cold. 
After one hour session, I got my voice back!

Shiho always seems to know what my body is feeling even before I say anything.

And her treatment is always very relaxing.

I go to her about once a week to keep me well and stress free. 
I am very happy I found her!!

T / Female / Tokyo


It was one of the greatest bodywork experience.

It was very embracing and relaxing. 
Movements matched my breathing and Shiho's warm and kind touch released my tension completely.

M.Y / Female / Tokyo


I felt completely safe and relaxed.
I loved the nice rhythm of the bodywork.
I felt new and fresh after the bodywork!

Y.T / Female / Tokyo


During the session, I felt like I was floating in a calm wave. 

It was very gentle, relaxing and very effective. 
My alignment was greatly improved after the session. 

Thank you so much!!

M.Y/ Female / Tokyo


I felt a interesting sensation on my head during the session.
Though the touch is very light and gentle, I felt released from deep inside. 

Shiho's facilitation was very caring and nurturing. I truly recommend her session!

Y.T / Female / Tokyo


I found Shiho's craniosacral treatment extremely beneficial. 

Thank you very much.

C.K/ Musician / Tokyo


It was one of the most interesting therapy experience. 
The touch was surprisingly gentle yet very effective.

My chronic back pain was greatly reduced after one session. 

My husband who also had a session, his eye spasm has completely disappeared and his shoulder pain was greatly decreased in his first visitation. 

Shiho was also very kind and flexible to our schedule.
Thank you!

T.T / Female / Tokyo